Spanish Check-up

Collaborating with Rossella Coppola of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Trade in Barcelona, 16 URV students participated this week in the first phase of the Check-up model. The video interviews with Aran Leon, Head Brewer and Co-owner of the company Cerveses La Pirata, and Ana Prieto, CEO of Jamones Faustino Prieto, allowed the students to learn at first-hand about their commercial and internationalisation strategies.

Both companies are in the process of international expansion with high quality craft products. This practical learning experience through the check-up model is based on the learning by doing methodology; a key methodology for the development of professional skills. Through the eyes of the companies, the students were able to learn at first hand, how companies select their market segments, how they carry out market research to discover new trends for product development, how they use online sales channels and how they adapt their product processes to the EU Farm to Fork strategy. Going carbon negative is one of the objectives of Cerceves La Pirata. Obviously, the effects of COVID19 and the crisis in Ukraine on the agri-food sector were also discussed.

From the coordination of the Project we would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank  Cerveses La Pirata and Jamones Faustino Prieto,who have voluntarily invested part of their time in the SMaRT curriculum pilot project.