2nd project meeting hold virtually

At the 13th and 14th April 2021, S.Ma.R.T has hold its 2nd project meeting virtually. We have finalised the need analysis, current curriculum analysis and the curriculum design of the Intellectual Outcome 1. The reports about the field analysis and Cross-case Curricula Analysis will be available soon at the website.

S.Ma.R.T planed the next steps of the project with in intellectual Output 2: Interactive and Gamified Open educational Resources. The goal is to develop a 20 ECTS credit course based on a mix of classroom, e-learning, game-based learning and WBL available at Moodle.

The OER will be developed in form of interactive, video training pills, which combine entertainment and learning to increase the involvement of learners (immersive education) and maximizing so the effectiveness of learning.  An essential element will be a game with different episodes, which will be built based on integrated multichannel interactive teaching. The OER, together with additional learning materials and stakeholder interviews will be placed in a Knowledge Hub, based on the complementarity of solutions and training situations.

The next project meeting is scheduled for 15-16th of September.