6th Newsletter

S.Ma.R.T. has finalized its 7 national  multiplier events and is now organizing the last multiplier event in form of an international conferences, which will be hold at the 21st of…
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5th Newsletter

Newsletter, Uncategorized
In May, S.Ma.R.T. started with the first round of multiplier events, which have finalised recently A second round will follow finalising with the Project Conference the 21st of September in…
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Catalan Multiplier Event

Multiplier Event
Additional to the previewed schedule of multiplier events, the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona hold an online event at the 28th of June in Barcelona. 30 companies participated at…
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1st Polish Multiplier Event

Multiplier Event
On 31 May 2022, the Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) organized the first dissemination event of the SMaRT project in Poland. 21 represent of enterprise attend the event,…
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4th Newsletter

S.Ma.R.T. has finalized the piloting of the curriculum and the check-up in cooperation with enterprises.  This give place to start the multiplier event – two in each country (Italy, Poland,…
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Job Market
LA PIRATA, which participate in the Spanish pilot of the check-up model, has a vacancy in its commercial team []
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Spanish Check-up

Collaborating with Rossella Coppola of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Trade in Barcelona, 16 URV students participated this week in the first phase of the Check-up model. The video…
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