This section offers agri-food enterprises the opportunity to present themselves to proactive job-seekers, absolvents of the SMaRT learning programme.
The job-seekers have so the opportunity to contact agri-food enterprises with an internationalization strategy. SMaRT also offers them a guideline to prepare video CV enabling job-seekers to prepare short videos for their presentation to enterprises and upload them to video platforms and sharing them through their social networks.
For reason of the accomplishment of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the respect of the students’ right to protect their personal data, SMaRT will not upload any personal video CV.


THE PIRATES, after a mutiny, used to set fire to the enemy ship to eliminate evidence that might incriminate them. That’s why some people think that pirate is equivalent to incendiary, from the Greek pyros (“fire”) and that’s what pirate is: incendiary beers, handcrafted and natural.
ENTHUSIASTS OF EXPERIMENTATION and in love with beer, we started brewing our first long-suffering batches in the kitchen at home a few years ago. The first catastrophes gave way to something more and more drinkable.
JUST AT THE MOMENT when the beer started to look like beer, friends started coming over, as if by chance, and so we had to increase production. People started to like this “pirate” beer and we finally had to decide: La Pirata was coming out of the underground!

LOS PIRATAS después de un motín, solían prender fuego al barco enemigo para eliminar pruebas que pudieran inculparlos. Es por eso que algunos piensan que pirata equivale a incendiario, del griego pyros (“fuego”).La pirata es eso: cervezas incendiarias, artesanas y naturales.
ENTUSIASTAS DE LA EXPERIMENTACIÓ y enamorados de la cerveza, empezamos a hacer los primeros sufridos lotes en la cocina de casa hace ya unos años. Las primeras catástrofes fueron dando paso a algo cada vez más bebible.
JUSTO EN EL MOMENTo en que la cerveza comenzó a parecer cerveza, empezaron a llegar amigos a casa, como por casualidad, y así tuvimos que aumentar la producción. A la gente le empezó a gustar esa birra “pirata” y finalmente tuvimos que decidirnos: La Pirata salía de la clandestinidad!

Poland Food
Poland Food is a company created by people with passion. They have 18 years of experience in working in the agri-food sector. They are a manufacturer of milk powders and they produce supplements and nutrition for athletes.
Their products are exported to all continents. They offer high quality services in accordance with both international and national standards.
Their motto is an affiliative approach to business, innovation and continuous improvement. Poland Food’s headquarter is based in Gniezno – the first capital of Poland.

Guadalhorce Ecológico cooperative
The Guadalhorce Ecológico cooperative was born in 2011 at the initiative of a group of smallholder farmers from the región of the Guadalhorce Valley.
We joined with the objective of guaranteeing certified organic food supply of quality at fair prices for both the farmer and the consumer.
At the Guadalhorce Ecológico cooperative our products are linked to people and experiences, that’s why you are invited to be a part of the company, to visit and meet us, as well as to be partakers of our collective project.


SOLO MONTANERA is a family business that, since 5 generations, is breeding, fattening, producing and marketing meat products (Iberian hams and sausages) on its own farms and in its own facilities in Villanueva de Córdoba (Valle de Los Pedroches). SOLO MONTANERA cover all stages of the process including the direct contact with the end consumer by opening our own shop (La Despensa de Luis Blanco) in the city of Córdoba.


The quality of Pharmill products is confirmed by the GMP+ certificate. We have a wide range of products, which allows us to precisely select substances to the needs and condition of animals. Our team works continuously with veterinarians and breeders and conducts research on improvements and new solutions in response to their needs. We know that it is beneficial for people, animals and the environment to move away from the misuse of antibiotics and synthetic agents in breeding and turn towards fully natural preparations.



Treasures of Istria
The tourist cooperative Treasures of Istria was established with a purpose to connect and promote product-development initiatives and build the stakeholder networks in the region of Slovenian Istria as well as to promote sustainable development.. Tourist Cooperative consists of various members of tourist services (experiences, accommodation, agencies, guides, sights) in the destination of Slovenian Istria. Their offer is available at where there is also a platform for online purchase of experiences and accommodation. The cooperative is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. The co-operative members value honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. 


Agraria Koper, z.o.o.
We are the second largest general agricultural cooperative in Slovenia in terms of buying fruit and vegetables. Since 1947, we have been bringing together fresh fruit and vegetable growers from three coastal municipalities. Fruit and vegetable production is the first place in cooperative production. Most of the members’ production takes place outdoors, but some is grown in greenhouses.
The cooperative’s retail outlet is a dispersed network of nine shops, including three large sales centres. All shops are open all year round, with the exception of the shop in the Ankaran campsite, which is seasonal. The shop and bar in Brezovica operate as franchise units.
The products under the Purissima brand are products from the best pastures in Slovenian Istria, produced in an environmentally friendly way by the hard-working hands of our cooperative members in the fertile soil of Istria.
In 2018, we started introducing good practices and promoting new technologies and sustainable development at the Slovenian Istria Agricultural Development Centre in the Purissima unit in Škofije.
Agraria Koper, z.o.o. Koper is focused on achieving business goals with competent, satisfied and motivated employees. We are aware that employees create added value.
Together we build a culture of mutual respect, cooperation, responsibility and efficiency. The success of the company depends on commitment, good relationships and a management style that focuses employees on effective work, promotion and development. We strive to ensure that all our activities reflect the core principles of our business: trust, partnership, speed, manageability and efficiency.
Employees are an important part of our operations, as they make a major contribution to customer satisfaction and, consequently, to the achievement of Agraria Koper’s business objectives. Therefore, when recruiting staff, we focus on staff that can deliver a quality of service based on honesty and friendly, respectful and professional communication with our customers. At KZ Agraria we respect the legal norms and prohibit any discrimination.
We value commitment and respect the contribution of each employee to the achievement of our goals. We promote the awareness that all employees co-create the working environment, the organisational climate and thus the business results.
At KZ Agraria Koper, we respect and implement the current legal requirements in the field of occupational safety and health.
We promote professional and personal development through employee training, enabling the acquisition of useful knowledge and experience.
At the end of 2021, KZ Agraria Koper, z.o.o. employed 159 workers.


SMaRT guide to prepare videoCVs

To support prospective students looking for jobs in the global agri-food sector, SMaRT has developed short guidelines  to create their short videoCV: SMaRT video CV
Not all companies request video CV from candidates, but, recording a videoCV is a worthy learning process.