Intelectual outputs

IO3 – Agri-food SMEs International Sales Check-Up Model

The Check-up model will be developed starting from a cognitive analysis aimed at understanding the methods and tools through which to guide SMEs in the agri-food sector to define their strategic paths for improving commercial processes, based on the current and prospective development potential of companies that are not fully exploited, in terms of commercial performance.
The Company Check-Up model created by the partners, will be tested with the involvement of the piloting students with a view to fine-tuning, allowing the acquisition of an organic and analytical knowledge of the commercial performance of SMEs in the agri-food sector in partner territorial contexts, in terms of results, turnover, margins, among others.
The Check-Ups will allow the beneficiaries to strengthen their possession and adoption of the distinctive skills of international sales processes, thus acquiring greater awareness  of the specialization achieved, allowing them to carry out research action/activity with a high professionalizing content. In particular, the analyses conducted through desk research and company check-ups will allow the collection of useful information to map the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to be seized to develop an export plan capable of guiding SMEs in the agri-food sector to define strategic paths for the international projection of the business.
The Intellectual outputs will be uploaded soon.