Intelectual outputs

IO2 – Interactive and Gamified Open Educational Resources

The pool of partnership teachers/trainers/experts benefiting from mobility will use the shared storyboard and the instructional design techniques learned to develop the contents of the OER including a game related to the target competences relating to the following topics related to the AGRIFOOD sector.
The OERs will be developed in the form of interactive, video training pills, which combine entertainment and learning and increase the involvement of learners (immersive education) maximizing the effectiveness of learning even after project end. The learning contents will be delivered using an actor/trainer filmed inside a Green Room, using Chroma Key techniques combined with motion graphics or with the application of virtual 3D settings, i.e. adopting 2D/3D cartoons.
A Game with different episodes will be built based on integrated multichannel interactive teaching, a Knowledge Hub, based on the complementarity of solutions and training situations, in which the OER, additional learning materials and stakeholder interviews will be placed. The game will stimulate direct participation in a recursive activation, verification and feedback process to train the target skills and evaluate the achievement of the Curriculum Learning outcomes  in the interim and ex-post, in a gamified learning context that contemplates solutions with high educational and motivational impact.

As first output we present the proceedings of the transnational learning mobility activity to the 18/06 and 21/06 to 23/06/2021 focusing on instructional design, game based learning as an innovative didactic model to create open education resources.

Learning Activities Procedures

S.Ma.R.T hold its virtual transnational learning mobility activity from 17/06/ to the 18/06 and 21/06 to 23/06/2021. Between 15 and 18 participants in each session were involved in an upskilling and methodological alignment process, focusing on instructional design, game based learning as an innovative didactic model to create contents, which allows one to convey know-how with game based methods and to maximize the effectiveness of the learning paths, stimulating learners’ engagement and motivation, increasing their performance. It has also a functional aim to align the development of the OER, especially the envisaged game for international trade in the agri-food sector. Each session has a duration of 5 hours.
The learning mobility activity has a theoretical and a practical part. The first one included:
a) An introduction to instructional design, with two subsection about ‘Movie education’ and ‘How to write a Storyboard’ both done by Virginia Rosania.
b) An introduction to ‘Gamification and Learning Videogame’ with a presentation of the expert and consultor Dr. Carlo Cuomo.
The practical sessions were organised in small group work session about how to develop learning video and writing storyboards combing general session based on the aforementioned presentations and tutored practical small group exercises to elaborate storyboards.
In the following, we expose the presentation done in the different session.
a) Introduction to the Learning Mobility
b) Instructional Design: From learning pills to Movie education
c) Story Board
d) How to create a VideoGame for Training