The test of the SMaRT Curriculum on international sales management in the agri-food sector has started with 80 registerd students from Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. For people interested in knowing more about the Curriculum, Click here to have a look at a short presentation about SMaRT learning content and methodology.

Learning Programme Access

The SMaRT learning programme is accessible at the Erudire learning platform, managed by CONFORM – Consulenza Formazione e Management and PRISM Consulting.
Through the Moodle platform, learners access to Open Educational Ressources, links to other teaching materials, and the PlaS Game as well as experiences, ideas and projects shared with the web community.
The SMaRT course consist of 3 different modules that are are based on learning by thinking through a balanced mixture of lectures, real case problem solutions and interactive e-learning sessions, which include Open Educational Resources -OER.
The 3 modules complement each other. Nevertheless, they can also be used as independent learning modules.. This philosophy makes the SMaRT curriculum highly flexible. Each module includes three different units with specific learning outcomes.

Assessment Methodology

SMaRT Curriculum Assessment Methodology

SMaRT curriculum assessment is the last step of our curriculum development. Both processes need to be closely linked in the ongoing development of SMaRT educational programme to meet the needs of the different stakeholders: students, higher education institutions and SMEs in the agri-food sector.
In that sense, SMaRT curriculum assessment is a process of gathering and analysing information from participants involved in SMaRT curriculum testing phase in order:

  • To evaluate the consistency and quality of the teaching methodologies.
  • To evaluate the appropriateness of content and technological quality of the learning materials.
  • To evaluate the applicability and novelty of the SMaRT curriculum.
  • To evaluate the transferability and usefulness of SMaRT curriculum in the labour market.
  • To evaluate the usefulness, effectiveness and coherence of the skills identified by the training program.
  • To identify aspects of the curriculum that are working and those that could need to change.

Open Call

SMaRT Training Experience: Open Call

S.M.a.R.T -Sales Management and Relationships for Trade- is an EU project that addresses the challenge to form market intermediaries in the agri-food sector able to properly operate in global markets.
S.M.a.R.T has developed a 20 ECTS credit course based on a balanced mix of classroom, e-game-based learning and work-based learning methodologies.
This online curriculum aims to provide an integrated set of high skills of economic-business, technical-commercial, communicational-relational nature to support agri-food SMEs to enter, remain and develop in international business circuits.
Any European University Bachelor and Master student who can prove citizenship in any European country are invited to participate for free in testing SMaRT innovative curriculum (for more details see the document: S.M.a.R.T – Training Experience – Open Call.
To participate fill out this online questionnaire:
You will be informed about selection results in 7 days after the call is closed.