4th transnational meeting

S.M.a.R.T hold its  4th transnational meeting online at 10-11 February 2022. At the meeting the design of the learning programme was discussed and approved. The programme will be openfor testing from the 1st of March to the 20th of May at the Moodle platform managed by CONFORM. Later, it will be maintained opened at the project web for some years

The  partners also discussed an approved the Check-up model, which will be tested by students willing to participate in the test of the learning programme. At this stage students will work with European agri-food companies and chambers of commerce. This learning in collaboration with the business world will allow students to acquire up-dated knowledge about the commercial reality of the sector and develop skills to evaluate the commercial area of a company and make proposals for improvement.

It was agreed to hold the Italian, Polish, Slovenia and Spanish seminars in June and the final Conference in Tarragona in September 2022. The territorial seminaries will have two objectives:

  1. to give visibility to the S.M.a.R.T and
  2. to allow students, who have participated in the pilot test, to interact with companies in the sector and to assess employment opportunities.

The project initiated also the job market by contacting agri-food companies asking them to allow to include a link in S.M.a.R.T web page. S.M.a.R.T is not only a new formative curriculum but also a meeting place between companies seeking for professionals with the ability to assist their inter-nationalization and young university students with the required skills.

A next virtual meeting will be held in April to evaluate/control curriculum testing.